Dentures are made with pink acrylic to match the color of your gums and natural looking denture teeth, usually made of a durable plastic. Dentures are a great option in certain circumstances but are not advisable if your teeth are still in good condition. Sometimes patients will get frustrated with their teeth and say that they want all of their teeth extracted and to get dentures. This is not what you think it is! Ask most people with dentures whether they prefer their own teeth or dentures, and they will tell you their own teeth were much better.

Like most other parts of dentistry, there are options when it comes to dentures. We will cover the three most common types of dentures.

  • Complete Denture – These are used when you don’t have any remaining teeth on the top, bottom, or both. Complete dentures give you teeth which allow you to chew again. They also support your lip(s) and cheeks so your face looks more full and youthful. Complete dentures are made when all of your teeth have been extracted and your gums have had time to heal.
  • Immediate Denture – These are the same as complete dentures, except they are fabricated before all of your teeth are extracted so you never go without front teeth. Your front teeth are only extracted once the denture has returned from the lab and is fitted directly after the extractions. There are more steps and planning involved in this process and Dr. Frost has been through this process MANY times.
  • Partial Denture – These are made when you have teeth that are still in good shape that we really don’t want to extract so we keep them as anchors. There are different types of partial dentures that we can discuss at your consultation appointment and pick the right option for your specific needs.

Once you have dentures, it is still important to have regular checkups to verify fit and have the dentures cleaned professionally. It is very important that you remove your dentures every night and soak them in water. Otherwise, fungal infections may form under your denture and cause irritation, foul smell, and pain. Clean your dentures every night with a soft toothbrush, antibacterial liquid soap, and tepid water.

There are options to anchor dentures into your mouth through dental implants. The denture may be removable where it snaps onto the implant via special attachments or it may be fixed into the implants and only be removable by a dental professional.

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