As we age our teeth begin to show signs of use, called wear. Wear is a normal part of life and it means that you are using them. There are cases when the wear is severe and it is clear that grinding/clenching is taking place. Compare the peaks and valleys of your teeth to tread on the tire of your car. The taller the tread, the longer the life of the tire. If you allow your tires to become bald, you are risking a blowout. When teeth have very distinct peaks and valleys, it is clear that the wear on the teeth is minimal. When teeth are flattened and the peaks and valleys turn into dished out areas and flattened surfaces, you are risking a tooth fracture.

The good news is that wear doesn’t show up overnight. The signs of wear are evident for months and years before anything bad happens. Don’t allow preventable wear cost you thousands of dollars in dental treatment in the future. A common protective measure is called a night guard. There are many different kinds of night guards that are designed to help you in different ways. We will evaluate your specific needs and recommend which one will fit you the best.

Little known fact: Most dental office members wear some type of night guard to protect their teeth from the unnecessary wear caused by grinding/clenching because they have seen the effects of not wearing one.

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