There are many different origins for tooth sensitivity, such as your bite is off, having exposed root surface, cavities may be approaching the nerve of your tooth, etc. The treatments for these problems are varied as well. Dr. Frost is conservative in his treatment of sensitivity unless there is an obvious problem. If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, you may consider switching toothpastes. Using a non-whitening toothpaste can make a big difference. Whitening toothpastes tend to work by removing stains through the use of an abrasive that wears down sensitive areas of your teeth and leads to worse sensitivity. Dr. Frost recommends using Sensodyne brand toothpaste without whitening. There are many different sensitivity toothpastes but Sensodyne seems to work the best. If that doesn’t help your sensitivity within 2-3 weeks, come in to rule out other problems. We also may be able to treat your sensitive teeth with a laser procedure.

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