After Fillings

We only use composite (white) fillings in our office. If your filling(s) require that you get numb, you will find that a portion of your mouth will feel puffy for a few hours after your appointment. It is very easy to bite or injure that portion of your mouth while the numbness persists. Dr. Frost advises that you try not to eat anything except for smoothies and shakes (or other foods you don’t have to chew) until the numbness wears off for protection against biting that portion of your mouth. You won’t feel yourself biting that area of your mouth when it is numb, but once the numbness wears off it will become very uncomfortable.

The white fillings are ready to use once the numbness wears off. The injection site may be sore for a few days which is normal. Icing the area from the outside of your mouth and taking Ibuprofen 400mg every 4 hours will help alleviate the soreness. If pain or sensitivity worsens or persists more than a week call our office at 520-886-8428.

After Extractions

PDF Version of After Extraction Instructions

After Root Canals

PDF Version of After Root Canal Instructions

After Crowns or Bridges

PDF Version of After Crown/Bridge Instructions